If you have recently chosen to install a sprinkler system for your yard then the system you chose to install most likely came with a remote sprinkler timer.  Should this be your first time owning a property with an irrigation system, then here are some thoughts to help you get the most out of your system.

The first thing to remember is that your remote sprinkler timer is set up to allow you to activate the system at will, without having to go around to the individual heads and activate them. At the same time, the remote feature allows you to activate the system without having to install a junction box that you must walk to and press a button. Even from the comfort of your living room, you can simply point the remote and watch as the sprinkler heads pop into view and begin to water your lawn.

Keep in mind the remote sprinkler timer most likely comes with a distance range you will have to observe in order to use the remote feature. Ranges vary from product to product, but most of them will accommodate a range of two hundred or so feet.

You also can use the remote to schedule watering periods in advance. As an example, you can enter cut on and cut off times to allow your sprinkler timer to automatically water your lawn in the early morning and in the late afternoon. The settings will most likely allow you to schedule the sessions with anywhere from a two minute to an hour-long watering session. At any time, you can delete or change both the time and the duration of the programmed watering sessions.

In addition, many timers have a built in feature that will automatically cancel or cut short a session in the event of rain. This is a handy feature especially if you plan on being out of town for an extended time. You will not be using valuable water to care for your lawn should there be several days when rain is falling.

As timer systems do vary slightly, it is important to read your owner’s manual or instruction sheet thoroughly, so that you understand exactly what your system will do, and how you can manage each of the features. By understanding what your sprinkler timer system will do and knowing how to activate each feature, you are sure to get the most from your sprinkler timer system.

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