If there ever was a garden accessory that was highly useful while simultaneously being incredibly cool as well, it could be the pop up lawn sprinkler. The “rising” of the sprinklers from their underground dwelling in order to do their watering duties has almost science fiction type overtones. In reality, they are far more based in modern technical How To Know How than any advanced mechanical technology. But, while looking cool is reason enough to purchase a pop up lawn sprinkler for some, there are other benefits that this particular type of sprinkler system offers that do not always get their just due.

One of the biggest benefits to a pop up lawn sprinkler system is that this particular type of system is automated and works on a timer. This not only takes some of the work off the hands of the home owner, it also saves the homeowner quite a bit of money. The reason for this is that because the pop up sprinkler system turns on and off by means of a timed mechanism, there is no excess wasting of water that may result from the forgetfulness of the individual who is monitoring the sprinkling system. While some may not think that this will cost a great deal of money, a series of overflows will accumulate and run up the water tabs. Also, water overflow may lead to costs associated with the ruination of the lawn from too much fluid.

Then, there is also the invisibility value of the pop up lawn sprinkler. That is, because it is underground, it does not appear like an eye sore resting atop what is otherwise a beautiful lawn.

That alone makes the pop up lawn sprinkler very valuable as something that detracts from the visual quality of the lawn is hardly something that would be considered a desirable addition.

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