Rodney Haynes from Haynes Sprinkler Service, which serves Collin County and Grayson County Texas, sent us some images which point out the need for irrigation inspections to prevent problems like dry spots, stressed turf, and wasted water.  His phone number is (972) 895-4850, and here are the images plus his comments.


“Why do you need a regular inspection of your irrigation?  Because you will never see this unless you are out early in the morning before sun up when your system is running.
This is drip irrigation line that has been installed incorrectly to close to the edge.  Therefore when edging with your edger it clips the hose slightly and you never know.  I see this a lot.  This reduces pressure on the whole line causing poor uniformity therefore possibly causing dry spots and stressed Turf.  Not to mention wasted water. “
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