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New Hope Texas Sprinkler And Irrigation Repair (Residential And Commercial)

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If you have a residential or commercial property in New Hope which needs sprinkler or irrigation repair, installation, design or related watering services then you are welcome to contact Haynes Sprinkler Service.  Here is a recent playlist featuring several helpful videos on the topic of sprinkler parts and irrigation repair:

Here is more about the company:

Who We Are

After 26 years as a McKinney based landscape design & management company Haynes has added a new specialty division, Haynes Sprinkler Service. We want to continue to help our friends through cost effective pricing, quick response times and great friendly service, while extending our expertise in the area of sprinkler services.

With current water shortages and city restrictions we can help convert your current system into a low volume, efficient irrigation process. We’ll help you save water and save money as we keep your home lush and beautiful all summer long.  Building friendships is why Haynes is in business!

We delight in our long term client relationships and are excited to add new homeowners to the Haynes family of customers. Our passion is supporting worldwide missions, and if it weren’t for a long line of happy, satisfied customers, we wouldn’t be able to travel and serve around the globe.

Irrigation And Sprinkler System Checkpoints

  • Proper head spacing.
  • Proper nozzle for water distribution.
  • Full coverage of the water spray.
  • Proper head for the application.
  • Watch for low heads not spaying over properly.
  • Watch for heads that are too high. Mowers may hit them and you will never know it unless you inspect the system.
  • Shrub beds are the worst at proper coverage. Raising heads on risers above plants is not the best
    applications. Consider drip irrigation.
  • Do you have the right controller? It is best to have one with A,B and C programs and at least 3 start times.
  • Pressure issues either being to low or high.
  • Always be mindful of water conservation. Water is becoming a big problem for our area, and increasing
    costs by our cities is effecting pocket books. Do not over water. It cost money AND it is not needed as well
    as it is not good for plants.
  • Have a functioning Rain / Freeze sensor to help control watering during these times. It is also required
    by the city.
  • Some cities have too much salt in their water supply and it may cause some issues.


Do you have pools of standing water after a rain storm? Let Haynes Sprinkler Service check it out after the storm. We’ll assess the area and make our recommendations as a friend. Area drains, French drains, or rain gutter drains may be exactly the solution to your water collection.


Are you adding, rearranging or making changes to your landscape this year? Anytime a landscape is changed, the irrigation will need to be changed to some degree. Invite Haynes Sprinkler Service to be part of your landscape planning.

Upfront, we can help with adding, moving or refocusing your sprinkler heads to efficiently cover the new landscape design.


Haynes Sprinkler Service will work with your pool company to eliminate issues. We’ll cap off the system and maintain your existing watering plan during the build, as well as redesign, adjust or install for the final
landscape plan.


Like with all areas of the home, maintenance is key to keeping repairs at a minimum and the value of your investment high. Talk to us about regular inspections, seasonal programming changes or adjustments for proper working order.

Or how about WIFI programming capabilities while away from your property? Ask us!

Better yet, Haynes Sprinkler Service has a VIP PLAN just for you and your irrigation system management. For one low monthly fee, Haynes Sprinkler Service will:

  • Provide annual or seasonal monitoring of your controller
  • Assist with a WIFI controller for off-site programming and management
  • Regular inspection of your irrigation system
  • Do custom programming to fit the needs of the landscape
  • Offer water management and conservation tips
  • Plan a water budget
  • Keep you updated on city regulations and laws
  • Extend discounts for emergency repair services and discounts for regular repair costs

If you would like to contact Rodney and the team at Haynes Sprinkler Service then you may call (972) 895-4850 or email the company through the contact form below:



    Water Use And Conservation Resources

    If you are looking for water usage and conservation information for properties in New Hope then here are some possible resources of interest:

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