Thank you to Rodney from Haynes Sprinkler Service, serving Collin County and Grayson County Texas, for thoughts and tips about one’s sprinkler system during a swimming pool remodeling or new construction project.

Here are his thoughts:

swimming pool reroute project for sprinkler system

swimming pool reroute project for sprinkler system

The MAJOR point needs to be to install SLEEVES under patio. Do not run water lines under ANY hard surface without sleeves. You can see the larger pipe at edge of patio with the waterline inside it.

I want people to understand they MUST use “ Sleeving” under patios to run the water line through. We see far to often when one doesn’t a leak occurs and water runs under patio. Causing erosion. Therefore causing patio damage. ALL pipe lines should try and avoid going under patio if possible. But if so a sleeve ya a 200% MUST.

A Sleeve is a larger solid PVC pipe that the smaller water line pipe goes through. IF there is ever a leak the water flows down the sleeve away from under patio to a point where it is visible away and outside of patio. It also allows for very easy repair. If repair is needed you simply pull the water line out of the sleeve and install new pipe. If no sleeve you would need to hire either a boring company to drill under patio. Or reroute around patio. Either way. Very costly. Doing it right before patio is poured saves lots of money and protects you.

If we contract with customer we should always work along side pool contractor. We will be onsite during construction. Observing all issues related to irrigation. And installing sleeve before patio is poured. It is of utmost importance to contract with us BEFORE pool digging starts.

It is Landscape sprinklers that are completely destroyed during pool construction. It is very important for us to come in before pool is dug to evaluate the current sprinkler layout and know what to expect during construction and how we work along side pool contractor. If not it could create issues resulting in more cost later.

To contact Haynes Sprinkler System for properties in the mentioned Texas Counties you are welcome to contact Rodney at (972) 895-4850.

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