This article comes from Rodney at Haynes Sprinkler Service (and Sprinkler) which serves Collin County and Grayson County Texas about the quality of one’s residential sprinkler and irrigation system.  Original source for the article (used with his permission) is at this link.

* Is your system properly working?

* Are all heads set properly in the ground to maximize coverage and eliminate waste?

* Are all nozzles the correct pattern and distance for the area being watering to assure 100% coverage?

* Is the design correct with the proper layout for maximum and best coverage? ie, are shrubs blocking water distribution to other areas?

* Are zones designed properly? Beds and turf separated and not together? Micro climates zones separated and not together. ie, heavy sun area zones with a heavy shade area.

* Are sprinkler heads leaning therefore not spraying the correct pattern leaving dry spots?

* Do you have over spray missing the root zone of plants? I see this often is shrub beds when sprinkler heads are raised above the plant material.

* And many more.

Before any good sprinkler watering program can work the system needs to be at 100% of its potential. The landscape dictates this. Having sprinkler heads throwing water out for 10 minutes does not mean you are getting it watered. As a matter fact I have seen as much as 50% of a landscape not getting properly watered even though the system is watering. And a poorly functioning sprinkler system can be wasting as much as 40% of its water down the drain and streets.


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