The following suggestions came from Haynes Sprinkler Service which serves towns such as McKinney and Allen in Collin County, as well as Sherman and Denison in Grayson County.

This is a suggested schedule is a cycle and soak method of watering. It hopes to accomplish deep watering for Bermuda Grass only. It isnt meant to follow exactly and requires monitoring and changes based on the following.

  1. All lawns are different. Your soil underneath is a HUGE factor in how your turf grass responds to not ony water but fertiizers. You should check your soil by a professional to understand its needs for a recommended program.
  2. This information is based on a properly designed irrigation system with the proper head spacing, water distribution and cultural conditions. See below things to look for for a properly designed system.
  3. Always consider the slope, sunlight, shade, low areas, traffic volume, high areas as these conditions will require needed adjustments either in the water time or cycles or even days watered per week.
  4. This suggested starting point is for Bermuda grass only. Other turf types such as St. Augustine, Soysia or Fescue will require different watering habits. You may call for our office for information.
  5. This program is not for flower beds, shrubs, trees or other. It is for Bermuda type lawns only which is the large majority of our lawns in the North Texas area. If you have questions about your lawn you can call our office.
  6. You most always never need to increase the time on yur controller. It is best to add another cycle. This prevents run off and allows the water to soak in the goruond better.

Properly designed systems check points

1. Proper head spacing

2. Proper nozzle for water distribution.

3. Full coverage of the water spray

4. Proper head for the application

5. Watch for low heads not spaying over properly

6. Watch for heads that are to high. Mowers may it them and you never know it uless you nspect system.

7. Shrub beds are the worst at proper coverage. Raising heads on risers above plants is not the best applications. Consider drip irrigation.

8. Do you have the right controller. Best to have one with A,B and C programs with at least 3 start times.

9. Pressure issues either being to low or high.

10. Always be mindful of water conservation. Water is becoming a big problem for our area. And increasing cost by our cities is effecting pocket books. Do not over water. It cost money AND it is not needed as well as it is bad on plants.

11. Use a Rain / Freeze sensor to help control watering during these times. Now required by cities.

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