Those who live in an apartment complex and wake up very earlier are probably familiar with the secret of the sprinkler timer. That is, most people who pass by a sprinkler system in the morning after the sprinkler system has already been turned on assume that it has been manually turned on by whomever is in charge of the lawn duties. Those who wake up before sunrise and know that the sprinkler system turns on ‘by itself’ realize that a sprinkler timer get the lawn care set in motion automatically and there is no need for anyone to get up that early in the morning to turn the system on. Unless, of course, that sprinkler system is not hooked up to a timer. In that scenario, some poor soul must wake up really, really early and even then there is no guarantee that the sprinkler will be turned on, on a regular schedule.

A well operated sprinkler timer set up to turn a sprinkler system on and off at a set time and a set duration on a set schedule is the optimum means of keeping a lawn well taken care of. By utilizing the benefits of a sprinkler timer, a number of problems that could lead to a break in the schedule. For example, the individual responsible for the sprinkler system may be sick one day and the lawn is not watered.

While some may think that missing a day or two will not effect the lawn, the truth of the matter is that for a lawn to keep a lush appearance it is best that it is watered and cared for on a daily basis. By using a sprinkler time, one need not worry about the schedule being deviated from. Also, worse that missing a scheduled session is over watering a lawn. A sprinkler timer can at least shut the sprinklers off automatically before excessive water floods the area.

A timer will eliminate a great number of problems with sprinkler systems. Their use is highly recommended.

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